Joe is from Longville, Minnesota, population 180. At age 5, he became the town's Turtle Racing Champion of the World and never slowed down. He graduated top of his tiny class and was state speech champion. He attended Hamline University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry & mathematics and then obtained a Master's degree in Chemistry from the UC Berkeley. Joe still resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his four-year-old daughter and is taking on two of the biggest problems in modern society: Court Reform and Social Media Addiction.



Productivity has never been done like this before. Azha is the simplest and most intuitive to-do list and calendar app in the store. Use it solo, or add friends for more fun, support, and boost. It's the first social network built around a to-do list and calendar, and the addictive features used by the big social networks to drain your time have been retooled to help your get more done.

Court Reform LLC

Court Reform LLC has exposed the bad practices of California's judicial oversight agency, the Commission on Judicial Performance. A year ago, no one knew what the commission was or why it was important. Court Reform LLC's work led to the first audit being ordered by the California legislature on the agency in its 56-year history. 

Center for Modern Courts

A Silicon Valley justice nonprofit fighting injustices in the legal system, CMC works on problems that no one else does, leverages the power of information and technology, and uses bold, innovative tools and tactics to effect change. Court Reform LLC, but on steroids.

East Bay Tutoring

Since 2008. Specializing in private, in-home math, biology, chemistry, and physics tutoring and ACT & SAT prep, East Bay Tutoring uses proprietary, cutting edge teaching methods to help students learn complicated material quickly.